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  • Private clarinet/saxophone lessons
  • Online clarinet/saxophone lessons
  • Masterclasses 
  • Piano tuning technology coaching
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Start Learning

Contact me to discuss where you're at, your goals, and discover how we can help you.  I bring 40 years of performance and teaching experience to the table in an engaging interactive way.  Contact me with the form below. Let me know your background, your setup, and your vision, and let us discuss how to make progress a reality.  Check back for video mini masterclasses that will begin to be posted to my youtube channel and linked here below.


David Renaud is an Ottawa-based clarinet player and multi-instrumentalist. He is currently booking concerts featuring material from his first two CDs and busy as a freelancer performing for festivals, pit work, studio, clubs, private and corporate events. Dave performs for National Arts Centre Pops concerts and covers a multitude of doubles for theatre pit orchestras.  Dave is the clarinet professor for Carleton University music department.

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